Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flickerfest Launch Event: Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia - 4th December 2012

Flickerfest Launch Event: Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia


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Flickerfest enjoyed its launch night at Bondi Icebergs tonight.

Local and Sydney media turned up to speak with and photograph the celebrities and Flickerfest movers n shakers.

Here's to another successful Flickerfest.

Australia's only Academy® and BAFTA recognised short film festival...

Renowned as Sydney's first beach-side cinema, Flickerfest kicks off the summer cinema season outdoors under the stars at Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach, screening the best short films from Australia and the world in a unique and relaxed environment. After the Sydney festival Flickerfest tours to 45 + venues around Australia.

Our Academy® accredited short film competition and special showcases celebrate the latest in cutting edge shorts from around the world.


Flickerfest began as a small local festival at the Balmain High School in 1991. Over the last 21 years it has grown to become Australia's only competitive International Short Film Festival with entries coming from filmmakers across the globe.

Flickerfest is considered in international circles as the leading Australian competitive short film festival and increasingly filmmakers view it as one of the main festivals on the world circuit. To maintain this high standard each year the festival director visits festivals around the world seeking new films most of which have not been seen in Australia.

In 2003 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science elected to recognise Flickererfest as a qualifying festival for the Best Short Film and Best Animation categories of the Academy® Awards. In 2010, Flickerfest was also recognised by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), making films from the UK that won at Flickerfest, eligible for a BAFTA nomination. We are the only short film festival in Australia with BAFTA and Academy® accredited status.

The honour of Academy® Award accreditation will guarantee Flickerfest's international profile for many years to come, whilst also ensuring greater opportunities for our Australian short film makers internationally.

Flickerfest national tour has become a very important part of the festival and started in 1995. The tour takes the main competitive programmes and some special sessions to many regional and metropolitan areas, which rarely have an opportunity to view this collection of the best of the world's short films in 2012 Flickerfest will present films at 37 venues Australia wide. Flickerfest is acknowledged as a quality arts event. We are proud that each year we screen the most innovative creative and inspiring short films the world has to offer, all united by their excellence in the short film genre.

*Photography by Eva Rinaldi



Eva Rinaldi Photography

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Human Statue Bodyart creates statues for Chimmichurri Bar & Grill, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Human Statue Bodyart creates statues for Chimmichurri Bar & Grill, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia; "Mid Summer Nights' Dream', Corporate entertainers once again prove popular with marketing heads and general public


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Human Statue Bodyart was once again called upon by an ultra successful theatrical entertainment company, in collaboration with a major Australian dining destination, to help make them stand out from the pack and create a magical evening's entertainment, and once again Human Statue delivered with spades (and fairy statues).

Artists Eva Rinaldi, Vince Cantali and Andrew made up the two models, Phylicia and Daniel, who became unrecognisable once they were fully made out as fairies.

The fairies complimented the Christmas elves and the overall complete entertainment package which was the 'Mid Summer Nights' Dream', South American style, one the first night of Summer in Australia, and what a hot night of entertainment it was. Promo...

About Chimmichurri...

It’s quite simple. Chimmichurri is about sharing great food and drink with friends.

This may or may not include dancing on tables, joyful gluttony, excessive indulgence and just plain old good times. It's spacious kitchen is staffed by some of the best! chef's in Sydney.

When asked about the cuisine and style of this venture the chefs' were unable to define it or give it a name. They did comment that a portion of the menu is a result of the South American heritage and a consequence of a culture dominated by BBQ style cooking using natural wood fire and charcoal.

So how do they get it so right and so good? Easy, they like to keep things simple in the kitchen!!! Although the menu may appear complex and lengthy, the secrets are in the marinades. Basic simple but tasty natural ingredients. Sauces should mainly be used to experience new flavours and textures, not to better flavour meat and that is why Chimmichurri has created it's own line of marinades and sauces (find them on the menu) to complement the Churrasco or your favourite steak or burger!

Recommendations? The Salt & Pepper Prawns served by the Kilo, the 8 hour slow cooked Lamb, the burger 750 (3 paddies of 250 gram Australian pure beef) and ribs, ribs, ribs - enjoy them sweet, basted in Chimmi's own BBQ sauce [up to 1.5Kg] or slow cooked to perfection over the in-ground wood fire BBQ Pit 'Assado style'. And of course the 20 plus skewered varieties of meat, poultry and seafood 'all you can eat' Brazilian BBQ Churrasco!

Just like the eponymous South American marinade it's named after, Chimmichurri promises a bit of spice and a lot of flavour to the dining experience. The name is fun and quirky, definitely not something you're going to forget in a hurry, just like the cocktail trolley that wanders through the tables in the evening offering you a choice of exotic Caipiroskas, Caipirinhas and Mojitos.... See you there!

Contact Eva and her team at Human Statue Bodyart to see how they can help make you stand out from the pack and make your vision a reality.


Tell us that you heard about Human Statue Bodyart from Street Corner and Google News for a special discount! Don't forget about New Years Eve parties coming up. From small events to major events, functions and festivals, the team at Human Statue Bodyart is here to help you see your creative arts and marketing ideas coming to reality.


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